• Me: Have you heard of the show, Outlander?
  • Mom: Yeah, I don't think I'd like it.
  • Me: Why? I think you'd really like it.
  • Mom: I don't know. What's it about?

Sports Day!

Good morning!

It’s 6:20AM on a Saturday, but I’m up because it’s Sports Day at the elementary school and I need to be there at the usual time! And if I have to be somewhere at 8:30, I like to give myself some time to wake up and get some personal stuff done before I have to get ready.

But I’m getting off topic.

I love Sports Day! I went last year and I had a blast. Sports Day in elementary schools is a bit like Field Day back in the states. Everyone’s put into team and you win races and games to get points. The winning team gets a big trophy at the end. However, Sports Day has a bit more than just fun games to it. There’s A LOT of running races. There’s also tug of war. And a game that involves running for a bunch of bamboo poles in the middle of the field and then bringing them back to your side before the other team can. But besides that, there’s the marching band, a traditional dance from Hokkaido, and a few other things along those lines. I’ll admit the running races get a little tedious after a while because all the kids in the entire school participate in them, but they’re fun to watch for a while and I love everything else.

Last year, I don’t think my school was entirely expecting me to come even though I said I would. But this year, not only do I have a bento that will be waiting for me at the school, but I got an official Sports Day shirt to wear today! I’m kind of hoping they’ll ask me to help with something. Last year, I mostly just sat and watched. But we’ll see. From what I heard from some other ALTs, sitting and watching might be the only thing they expect us to do at things like this. But even that would be fine.

I can’t wait to see my kids do their best today!

Sorry about being so lazy with posting here lately. ^^; It’s been a busy week and I’ve gotten home late each day. My day off on Tuesday was fun, but not so leisurely (I was out all day). The elementary school has its sports day tomorrow (Saturday), so I’ll be out cheering for my kids all day before heading off to a party with the teachers in the evening. And then on Sunday, I’ll finally have my day to myself. I’ll see if I can get some posts up then.

I have another piece of RDG that’s ready to be posted and that needs to go up. I owe at least one grammar post. Plus, I made a big, exciting purchase this week, which I want to talk about. I can’t promise I’ll get to all of that on Sunday, but I’ll do my best!


Tokyo Tower this afternoon.


Tokyo Tower this afternoon.

The weekend was a nice reward after a long week. On Friday I went to a curry party! On Saturday, one of my friends came over and we watched the new episode of SM Crystal together. And then yesterday I went over to my friend’s house to watch a D&D game.

Unfortunately, it’s Monday now and it’s time to get back to work. I’ve got a long day ahead of me again. Not only do I have speech practice with my student, but after that I’m off to my elementary school to do some planning for a special class I’m helping with. My guess is I won’t be hope until 6:30 or so. I’m glad I have leftovers to eat for dinner!

But luckily, we have Tuesday off. I’m looking forward to a nice, leisurely day. I might get my hair cut. :)



River otters at the Zoological & Botanical Garden in Ichikawa, Japan

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This is what heaven looks like…

(via calculatedmadness)

I’ve made it to Friday! Four more classes, one more session with my speech contest student, and then it’s the weekend!

I went to bed early last night and slept in a little more this morning and I think I’m starting to feel better. I can’t really sleep in tomorrow, but I’m planning to sleep late on Sunday. Also, I don’t really have any plans this weekend past a party tonight, so I’ll be able to recharge… except for the fact that I’ll probably spend all that recharging time studying, but meh. :P

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